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Internal Communications

Internal communication at its simplest level informs and engages our staff.

Good internal communication matters, because it helps us all do our jobs more effectively, which means we can deliver the best possible service to each other, and in turn residents and local communities.

It’s more than just written communications, it’s the daily interactions with colleagues, team meetings, 1-2-1s and performance appraisals, living our values and everything that feeds into the culture you told us you want our organisation to be.

It’s too important to be left to one team or department, it’s everyone’s responsibility!

What the Internal Communications team does

Our small team have a proven track record of turning complicated business messaging into engaging content that is easily understood and relevant to the people you want to reach.

We’re here to help connect you to our vision and values by building trust and understanding with every colleague. Our job is to know what it’s like to work here. We understand the differences, the challenges, and the successes and we use this knowledge, together with our professional experience and insights, to advise senior leaders to engage with you, and to listen and learn.

What we do

Delivering the big picture

Giving everyone who works here a clear view of how their role relates to the council’s vision and objectives.

Recognising our common purpose

Showing how colleagues in different service areas and departments are all part of the same endeavour, working together with a common purpose.

Providing practical solutions

Translating business strategies into meaningful content that helps and inspires you in your day-to-day role.

Supporting change and transformation

Making a change in your teams or service? We can help keep your workforce updated and support the changes you are making

Celebrating Success

Creating an environment in the workplace that practices recognition and rewards good employees and improves morale. When employees are happy, they perform better, and even attendance improves.

How we do it

Designing and implementing employee communication plans for key strategic projects

If you want to provide information or ask people to do something differently that supports longer term or strategic projects, then a Communications Plan is essential to helping you achieve your objectives.

The earlier you involve us, the greater impact we can have. There’s always a lot going on here at the Council and we can work out how best to reach the people you need to in the right way and at the right time. Get in touch with the team at the beginning of your project rather than the end and see the impact we can have.

Supporting managers to provide quality communication to their teams

Communications is everyone’s responsibility, and managers have a vital role in keeping their teams informed and engaged. We’re here to provide advice and guidance on communication best practice, including our brand guidelines and tone of voice.

Providing opportunities, clear timelines, and deadlines for information to be included in our newsletters, social media channels, meetings, and events

We have a range of channels and publications to help tell your story or share information with colleagues from across the council and we can advise on the best channels to reach your target audience.

Measuring the impact of communications activity

By measuring the impact of our communications, we can help inform future campaigns and ensure we are meeting our objectives. We have a range of analytic tools available to us that can tell us who received your information. The best way to find out how well your messages have been received is to ask your target audience, and as well as a bi-annual all staff communications survey, we also have an annual pulse survey, which we use to inform and improve our communications moving forward.

Got a story?

We’d love to hear from you! If you have a story to tell or something interesting to share, we are all ears. Make a request and one of the team will be in touch.


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