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Make a request

Whether you’re looking to publicise a project, update information on a council service or fix a glitch, please get in touch with us by completing the appropriate online form. 

How the request process works

You can submit three different types of request:

We can’t action any work if you don’t submit a request in this way. We are happy to help, all we ask is you get in touch in plenty of time and share as much information as you can.

For a new project or campaign, we need to know about six weeks in advance; for everything else it’s a little less, but as early as possible is always appreciated.

What happens next?

Once you have submitted a request, you’ll receive an email confirming it has been received and we will be back in touch as soon as we have reviewed your request.

We might need to ask a few more questions and once we have a full understanding of your request, we’ll confirm the next steps.

When reviewing your request, we’ll check it against our current priorities agreed with the Council Management Team. Right now, we’re focusing on communicating COVID-19 public health information and on supporting our recovery from the impact of the pandemic across our communities, our businesses and our organisation. You can check the response times and how we prioritise requests on our Support Policy.

Promote a project, campaign, event, or success story

This form is for both staff communications and external promotional activities.

Some examples of this are:

  • raising awareness of a project or campaign
  • promoting a public consultation or survey
  • showcasing an award
  • celebrating a staff achievement
  • marketing an event
  • marking a national awareness day.

If it’s not promotion; just information you need updating then use the Provide information about a council service, policy, strategy, or guidelines form.

Make a request to promote something

Provide information about a council service, policy, strategy, or guidelines

Use this form if you’d like to request a change, an addition or a correction to information about a council service, including policies, strategies and guidelines. The information could be for external audiences or for our staff.

Some examples of updates to public information could be:

  • updates to content on the housing benefit web page
  • new details on paying business rates
  • changes to community funding and grants
  • publishing of a new policy or report
  • introduction of a new customer online form.

For staff, it could be about:

  • a new HR policy
  • updates to health and safety guidance
  • training courses
  • guidance on cyber security
  • annual leave information.
Make a request to provide information

Make an admin request

We provide a range of more administrative and technical support activities:

  • request our logo and photography
  • create and remove editor accounts to access our websites
  • set up a new social media account – please read this handy guide before submitting your request
  • website and social media statistics
  • training, advice and guidance
  • CCTV redaction.

This form is not for website updates – please complete either the Provide information or Promote a project form depending on the nature of your request.

You can also ask us about creating a new website, about migrating an external website to be council hosted and about developing new functionality on the Council website. These requests are more complex and will require approval from our Digital Board.

Make an admin request


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