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Renfrewshire Council shapes

Alongside our colour palette and our font, we have a range of shapes which we use on all our corporate communication materials. They are a key piece of our visual identity.

Our core shapes give us flexibility to apply our brand to a wide variety of applications – from booklets and posters to digital signage and vehicles. When used consistently across our communication materials, they help our stakeholders identify our work and in turn strengthen our overall brand.

The shapes are adaptable and dynamic, just like our services. They add depth, colour, and movement to our projects, and work together to bring a piece of design to life. Designs can use a single style of shape or combine two different shapes to create even more dynamic layouts. Where we combine shape styles, we always use a soft shape with a hard one – circles with squares, hexagons with amorphous.

When we use the core shapes, are overlapped, and layered with a transparency. This layering reflects the coming together of different services, teams, and individuals collaborating on the project.

Six shapes and multiple combinations

Just like our colours and font, the core shapes are available to everyone in the Council, regardless of what service you work in. If you’ve been here a while you might remember the shapes being tied to services, but we’ve broadened out the full shape range to everyone—more choice, more fun, a more unified way of working.

Shape example 1
Shape example 2
Shape example 3
Shape example 4
Shape example 5
Shape example 6

Using the shapes

We have produced a set of shaped based templates for you to use in your work. Currently the available templates are PowerPoint and backgrounds for MS Teams, but more options are coming.

When making a request for a new piece of design work please bear in mind that all core council work will be designed using the core shapes, and in the corporate colour palette. This is to ensure a consistent approach to our work.

If you are looking to do a larger piece of work involving the shapes such as signage from an external contractor, we will be happy to help advise on what approach might be best.

Examples of the shapes in action


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