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Renfrewshire Council logo

The key part of our brand, our logo mark is the element which pulls everything we do together. It is our signature and our identifier. It is the most recognisable part of our visual identity and is vital in helping stakeholders identify our brand and our organisation.

Designed in 1996, our logo was created to symbolise a new start for our freshly formed Council. It is made up of two Paisley pines – taken from the famous pattern – balanced above our name.

Whilst the rest of our brand identity is dynamic and flexible, our logo has some rules. We ask that where these rules exist, they are followed carefully. By doing so our brand becomes stronger through consistent application and quality design.

The mark

Renfrewshire Council Logo

The pines and our name exist as one single piece. They should not be broken up or resized individually. Additions should not be made to the logo, such as service or team names. We only have a stacked version of the logo, so no attempt should be made to create a new horizonal version.

Our name is set out very deliberately and should not be changed. Please do not attempt to recreate the text or add to it. We have a couple of specific alternate logos, a Gaelic translation, Funded By and Supported By.

Colour options

The main version of the mark is our two colour one, and it should be used whenever possible.

When placing the logo on a coloured background, you may use the whiteout version, but please ensure there is enough contrast to see it properly.

If printing in black and white you can use the all-black version, however this version should only be used if printing black and white.

The logo can appear on colour, illustration, or photographic backgrounds, so long as the legibility of the logo remains clear.

Renfrewshire Council Logo
Renfrewshire Council colour logo box
Renfrewshire Council black logo box
Renfrewshire Council photo logo box


1. Apply the right sizing

The absolute minimum size for our logo is 25mm wide in print, and 140pixels wide in digital formats. Where possible, it should be used larger than the minimum size.

2. Make sure there is space around the logo

We keep a set amount of clear space around our logo, to help with legibility and to ensure nothing covers it up. The clear space rule is at least the height of the R all around, although more space is always better.

Renfrewshire Coucil logo showing clear space

3. Always bottom right corner

Whenever possible our logo should be placed in the bottom right corner of a layout or page. If using the logo with other logos in a line-up, ensure they are aligned and that the order is reflective of the partnership hierarchy. Here is an example:

Renfrewshire Council logo next to other logos

Alternative council logos

We have three alternative logos. These are a Gaelic translation, a Funded By and Supported By option. Each has been specifically designed to be used in special circumstances. These alternative logos do not replace our main logo and should be used under guidance. Please contact the Design team to request one of these logos.

Incorrect usage

  • Do not animate, rotate, skew, or apply effects to the logo
  • Do not split the pines from the name
  • Do not resize the logo elements individually
  • Do not recreate the logo yourself, change the font or alter the proportions. Do not try to make a 3D version
  • Do not combine the logo with other elements, such as new text, different colours, or other logos which might create a hybrid mark
  • Do not alter the transparency of the logo or make a pattern or texture out of it
  • Do not place the logo in a box on a coloured background.

In short, do not alter the logo in any way. Here are some examples to avoid:

Examples of incorrect usage of Renfrewshire Council logo

Requests to create a new logo

The Comms, Marketing, Design and Digital Experience team look after several in-house brands, such as Paisley.is and Future Paisley and can supply these logos, with guidance, if needed. We also hold logos for our major partners, regional projects, and national organisations. Please get in touch if you require any help tracking down the appropriate files.

We are often asked about creating new logos for Council projects. Our hope is that this brand refresh gives everyone the tools, understanding and knowledge to work with our corporate brand under a one-council approach of cohesive collaboration. Where everything we do is connected and our visual style is consistent. However, we understand some projects might fall on the edges of this, for many reasons. So please get in touch as early as possible so that we can help you find the most appropriate solution.


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