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Renfrewshire Council colours

Colour is a key part of our visual identity.

Our colours reflect the life and vitality of Renfrewshire—our values, culture, and the people in our communities. Colours breathe life into our our core shapes. They’re warm, vibrant, and work well with each other.

The colours available on this page reflect our accessible digital palette. All the colours that can be used with text on them have been tested and are AAA compliant when used with white text.

The Hex, RGB and CMKY codes shown have been chosen specifically, so please use the correct one for your needs and do not convert the colours yourself. Hex is for web work, RGB is for digital/screen/presentation work, and CMKY is for print.

The design team also holds RAL codes for professional signage and painting. Please get in touch with the design team if you require these.

Our signature colours

Our brand’s signature colours:

  • can be used as background blocks, pull out quotes, headlines, bold type and signage
  • should only be used with white text on top
  • are AAA Compliant with white text.

Hex: #363281

RGB: 54/50/129

CMYK: 96/93/4/1

Hex: #D01678

RGB: 208/22/120

CMYK: 5/100/3/0

Hex: #A2186A

RGB: 162/24/106

CMYK: 30/100/3/0

Hex: #7F3089

RGB: 127/48/137

CMYK: 62/92/0/0

Our highlight colours

Our brand’s secondary colours:

  • don’t work well with text on top and shouldn’t be used for text backgrounds
  • can be used as highlights or in shapes to add vibrancy and contrast to the signature colours
  • can be used in balance with shadow colours.

Hex: #00959E

RGB: 0/149/158

CMYK: 88/12/39/1

Hex: #009ACD

RGB: 0/154/205

CMYK: 85/15/7/0

Hex: #70AC55

RGB: 122/172/85

CMYK: 67/2/89/0

Hex: #C1CF5A

RGB: 193/207/90

CMYK: 34/1/86/0

Hex: #F4E63C

RGB: 244/230/60

CMYK: 9/0/99/0

Hex: #E18630

RGB: 225/134/48

CMYK: 1/58/99/0

Our shadow colours

Our brand’s shadow colours:

  • can be used for body text when on a white background
  • can be used in contrast with lighter colours when used within shapes
  • shouldn’t be used as dominant colours in a design
  • are AAA Compliant with white text.

Hex: #004751

RGB: 0/71/81

CMYK: 98/47/49/45

Hex: #47171E

RGB: 71/23/30

CMYK: 40/96/62/68

Hex: #201F41

RGB: 32/31/65

CMYK: 100/96/41/46

Our special colours

This special red is for emergency use, such as weather warnings and urgent information relating directly to public safety.

  • Don’t use the red in place of a core or highlight colour, and don’t use in our shapes.
  • Use white text only on top of this colour.
  • It is AAA Compliant with white text.

Hex: #B71E1D

RGB: 183/30/29

CMYK: 19/98/95/11

Digital vs print

For digital applications, always use the RGB values for each colour. If printing professionally (for example, at the Document Solution Centre), use the exact CMKY values specified. Hex codes are for web. You can request Pantone and RAL codes for professional use from the design team.


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