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Our brand

Our brand is important to us. It defines how we present ourselves to all of the people interested in us.

It’s not just about how we look. There are a lot of different parts to the Renfrewshire Council brand – including our core identity, brand elements, and brand experience.

Together, these parts focus on what really matters. They highlight what is special and unique about our organisation. They help us put our values into practice

They support every aspect of what we do as we work towards our goal – a more sustainable economy, society and environment that benefits people, their wellbeing and, importantly, future generations.

Our vision

Our vision sets out our ambitions and the kind of organisation we want to be. It helps us focus on our goals for Renfrewshire Council.

Renfrewshire Council is a collaborative learning organisation that has redefined its relationships with communities, partners and businesses to achieve even more, together.

Our mission

Our mission explains how we aim to become the kind of organisation we want and achieve our vision.

We will achieve our vision by showing that we are proud to work for Renfrewshire Council and for making decisions based on what is best for people who live and work in Renfrewshire. We are committed to creating a sustainable economy, society and environment that will benefit future generations.

Our values

Our values inform and support everything we do. They’re how we do things around here. They are there to help everyone, everyday – whatever your role and wherever you work.

We are great collaborators

We work as one team and with people who care about this place.

We are fair

We treat each other and everyone we deal with respectfully – always working hard to build trust in Renfrewshire Council.

We are helpful

We care about getting things right and are always approachable.

We value learning

We invest in learning to help us innovate, improve and deliver better services.

Our personality

Our brand personality describes what it feels like to work here and the qualities that we show as individuals and as an organisation.

It helps us to collaborate to solve problems and improve the lives of people who live and work in Renfrewshire.

We aspire to be like this every day.


We’re friendly, warm, kind to each other and to those we support or collaborate with. We’re proud of Renfrewshire and proud to say we work for Renfrewshire Council.


We’re honest and good listeners – always interested in finding new or better ways to support people who live and work in Renfrewshire.


Our passion for Renfrewshire, its people, the economy and the environment is evident. We’re proactive, innovative and entrepreneurial – always seeking opportunities to get it right for Renfrewshire.


We’re positive and ready to take advantage of opportunities. We’re problem solvers – always trying to resolve things with pace and energy.


We try to put ourselves in other’s shoes so that we can sort problems promptly and sensitively.


We’re well-informed and communicate clearly so that those we are working with feel they’re treated fairly and can trust our decisions.

Our tone of voice

Our tone of voice helps us when we are communicating. Getting this right shows that we believe in our values and act with personality.


Our tone is clear, conversational and avoids jargon. We are calm – making it easy for people to communicate with us. We value communication and support our staff with the best training, tools and technologies so that they can communicate effectively.


We sound confident and professional at all times. We communicate with accuracy – our spelling, grammar and translations are of the highest-standard. We keep our promises and share information as widely as possible.


Our tone is up-beat. We select our words with care. Our passion for the area and for the people who live and work here is clear at all times.

Our narrative

Our narrative is what we want to tell others. It’s about our organisation, but also about the place that we come from.

This is some copy about both. It’s designed to help you get started when you’re working on communications. Please use it. It will help establish our narrative in the minds of the people we want to reach and engage.


Renfrewshire Council is committed to getting things right. We’re ambitious for our excellent schools, our hard-working and innovative businesses, our communities and the environment.

We’re proud of our team who work 24/7 to care for those who most need our support – at every stage of life – helping to make this a safe, welcoming and fair place for everyone.

We care about getting it right so that we can give young people the chances they deserve to take Renfrewshire forward and benefit future generations.


Renfrewshire is central to Scotland’s economic, industrial and cultural success.

Just a few miles from Scotland’s largest city, it is home to:

  • Paisley, Scotland’s largest town with its magnificent Abbey and the much-loved Paisley Pattern.
  • Scotland’s Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District – an international centre for R&D – and the National Manufacturing Institute Scotland.
  • Glasgow International Airport, connecting Scotland with key destinations around the world.
  • Beautiful countryside including Clyde Muirshiel Park, Scotland’s largest regional park and Castle Semple Country Park.

With the £42million transformation of Paisley Museum; modern sports and leisure facilities; and beautiful towns and villages, the area is much sought after for those seeking urban or rural lifestyles.

Renfrewshire’s excellent air, rail and road connections make it popular with ambitious entrepreneurs and their families who value excellent schools, colleges and universities as well as open countryside, a network of cycleways and the opportunity to become part of some of Scotland’s most environmentally-aware communities.

Renfrewshire is an area that has always nurtured and celebrated people who make a difference.

Alongside these famous individuals are Renfrewshire’s local heroes – the people who, day-in-day-out, make a difference in communities across Renfrewshire. They represent the best of Renfrewshire. They are creative, ambitious, entrepreneurial and caring. They make Renfrewshire a great place to live and a great place to map out your future.


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