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Brand guidelines

We have produced detailed guidance on the use of all brand assets. These guidelines aim to clarify our brand position, our personality, our visual identity, and our tone of voice to help you understand how we want to communicate and how we keep our brand identity consistent.

Anyone at Renfrewshire Council who communicates on the Council’s behalf should find these guidelines and assets a useful resource. These are a great starting point if you’re thinking about developing a project or campaign and reaching out to audiences.

Brand overview

There are a lot of different parts that define Renfrewshire Council brand including our core identity, brand elements, and brand experience.

Read brand overview


It is the most recognisable part of our visual identity and is vital in helping stakeholders identify our brand and our organisation.

Check how to use our logo


Source Sans Pro is our corporate font. It is the font you are reading here on The Thread.

Check how to use our font


Colour is a key part of our visual identity. We have two colour palettes that are used across all our corporate work.



Alongside our colour palette and our font, we have a range of shapes which we use on all our corporate communication materials.

Read how to use our shapes


Photography is how people quickly understand who we are, what we’re talking about or who we’re talking to.

Read how to use our photography


Using video in your communications activities has become increasingly common practice and works very well on our digital channels.

Read how to produce videos

Corporate templates

We have a range of branded PowerPoint presentation templates and Microsoft Teams backgrounds available for you to download and use.

Download our branded templates


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