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Accessibility guidelines

These accessibility guidelines will ensure that we build digital services and content that everyone can use without needing to adapt them, while supporting those who do need to adapt things.

They have been created for colleagues and partners who create and manage digital services and content on the web including:

  • Renfrewshire schools and nurseries
  • HSCP, OneRen and other partners
  • local authorities in the UK
  • local businesses, communities, voluntary or charity organisations.

You can help us improve these guidelines by emailing feedback to web@renfrewshire.gov.uk

Accessibility for digital services

It is not only good for our users to make all Renfrewshire Council digital services accessible – it is also a legal requirement.

Read the accessibility guidance for digital services

Use of PDFs and office documents on the web

Renfrewshire Council should not use PDFs or office documents on the web, except in a few very limited circumstances

Read more about PDFs and office documents on the web

Step-by-step guide to when you can and cannot publish PDFs and office documents on the web

Use this guide to know when publishing a PDF or office document is legal and not degrading the user experience.

Read the guide

Writing for Web Accessibility on our CMS (GOSS)

Tips to help you get started writing web content on our CMS that is accessible to people with disabilities.

Read tips on Web Accessibility


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